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The rules that govern .au domain names are changing, and we want the Australian community to let us know if we’ve got it right.

auDA recognises the .au domain is national infrastructure and supports the need for transparency and accountability in any changes to its policies. It also recognises that changes to its policies can affect users who are not knowledgeable about the internet.

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You are invited to submit your feedback through our online survey or email a submission to [email protected]

Submissions close 30 November 2019.

As part of its consultation process, auDA will publish any submissions received (unless marked confidential).

The submissions will be collated and provided to the auDA Board for consideration.

A person making a submission to auDA consents to the collection, publication, use and disclosure of their submission for the purpose of developing and amending the draft policy.

For further information please refer to the auDA Privacy Policy.

Further information papers can be downloaded here:

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